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Introducing New Product Categories

Published: 21/09/2018 14:13

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These days, in both the food and supplement industry, consumers are becoming more and more interested in what is (and isn’t) in their food and how it is prepared. The reasons for this are many but mainly, in this age of easily-accessible information, people are doing their research and deciding what they do and don’t want to put in their bodies. Also, the growing amount of cultural, religious and social diversity continues to increase the demand for ‘specialty’ foods.

Of course, intelligent companies respond to the demands of their customers - the customer is always right! As such, Tropicana Wholesale sees clear advantages in making these types of products easier for you to find. Like the various supplement brands, we have to cater to our customers - You! So to start with, we’ve set up four new product categories which are the hottest examples of the kinds of things supplement consumers are asking for: Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free and Kosher. People are always asking us if this or that product conforms to one or more of these categories. Next, we’ll be looking at GMO Free, Lactose Free and Palm Oil Free categories.

So there you have it - great ways to cater to more growing customer categories by targeting specific niches!

To view our growing number of Product Categories click here:



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