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Amino Matrix that Packs a Punch

Published: 28/11/2022 15:28


Training and recovery reach superhuman levels with the release of the latest in electrolyte recovery drinks, The Jinx! Hydra BCAA+

Houston, Texas – World class sports nutrition brand JNX Sports has taken its range to the next level with the introduction of its first BCAA product, The Jinx!

Refreshing before or after a workout, The Jinx! offers an immunity boosting vitamin stack and an advanced amino matrix that packs a punch when it comes to enhanced training, faster muscle recovery and better results.

JNX Sport’s International Marketing Manager Jane Macdonald says, “Our gift is your curse. With a family of supplements that allow our customers to push their bodies harder, faster and longer, JNX Sports leaves you with no excuse not to go all out, all day, every day.”

“Our customers want to see progress. Taking The Jinx! before and after a workout is going to maximise their results and help them get the most out of every rep, so they can hit their next goal sooner.”

“We’re about providing our customers with innovative products that push them beyond the limits of normal.”

“Strength isn’t just about muscle mass. It’s about stamina and motivation to power through the challenges of every day, in and out of the gym. We see our customers pushing themselves beyond their limits every day, and our products are helping them get there. We call it powering the transformation.”

Sounds supernatural, and it is. “Our products are for people who want more. More energy, more stamina, more results. They want to go beyond their human potential and make the most out of their day. The Jinx! is one more way to help them do that.”

The Jinx! is stackable with other products in the JNX Sports range, that already have a cult-like following. Pair it with The Curse!, The Shadow!, The Omen! or The Ripper! to really take your work out and recovery to the next level.

“Our customers asked for more, and we’re giving it to them. More hydration, more stamina, more progress, and no excuses.”

The Jinx! is available now.



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