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Protein Bars improving all the Time!

Published: 03/01/2019 16:57


No longer are protein bars homogenous little brown slabs that taste ‘off’ and get as hard as a rock on the shelf. Also, no longer do they all have most of the same typical ingredients. These days, bars contain nuts, nut butters, proteins from pea, rice, whey, hemp and others, chia, coconut, flax, prebiotic fibres, essential fats and other tasty, healthy and functional ingredients! Many have below 15 grams, or even below 10 grams of carbs and just a few grams of sugar, yet have 20 or more grams of protein…and they stay soft on the shelf for a year or longer!

Want variety? Fulfil Bars have 10 flavours, with added vitamins and minerals. Grenade has a dozen flavours of Carb Killa bars and also offer a “Go Nuts” vegan option, a Brownie and four different Flapjack flavours! On a related note, Tropicana Wholesale also carries over 10 varieties of Protein Cookies. Again, with lower sugar, high levels of protein and/or high in fibre. Buff Bake do seven flavours of protein cookie that are high in protein and fibre and they even do a delicious Protein Sandwich cookie (in five flavours), with protein nut butter inside! Other big protein cookie sellers include: Dr Zak’s, Battle Oats, PhD, Sinister Labs, Lenny & Larry’s, Oatein and MuscleTech.

These days, it’s all about convenience, taste, low-sugar and high protein…and if a bar or cookie has extra fibre or healthy ingredients or has a clean label without too many hard-to-pronounce ingredients, then it’s a big added bonus! So make sure to check out our protein bars and other snacks because they’re getting better and selling more and more all the time!



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