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Published: 01/03/2017 10:11

As with most industries dealing in nutritional products, Tropicana Wholesale has to react to changes in the price of certain common ingredients and to changes in the money market. For several years now, whey protein - by far the biggest-selling sports supplement ingredient - has been experiencing price fluctuations. The combination of the increased demand for whey in infant formulas in emerging markets like China and the rapid growth of the sports supplement industry has led to several price rises. At the same time as this has been occurring, the value of the pound has come down substantially and as most whey protein (and other sports supplement ingredients) are purchase in Dollars or Euros, this has resulted in significant additional expense when purchasing products.

For quite some time, Tropicana Wholesale has been working with suppliers to avoid any price increases but in the current environment, some price rises may be unavoidable at some point and we hope that you understand. Some companies have announced bringing more capacity to produce whey protein on line, which could lead to eventual price reductions, which we will pass on to our customers but the pound may have experienced a correction to long-standing over-valuation and may not come back up to previous high levels.



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