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Published: 01/11/2015 10:11 NEWS.jpg

If you haven’t already tried Reflex R Bars, it comes with high recommendation that you do! When the R Bars first came in, we were intrigued here at Tropicana to find out whether they really did match the standards of their reputed claims. We can say in all honesty that they “do exactly what they say on the tin”, so to speak!

Firstly, let’s start with the texture – Reflex have surpassed expectations here, delivering a scrumptious, fudge-like consistency, usually found exclusively in ticking time bombs of caloric and sugary overspill that are wrapped in cunningly alluring, shiny packaging, right next to where crisps, salty snacks and other tempting treats live in supermarkets. It’s certainly not associated with a protein bar, i.e. something that’s actually goodfor you. Which moves us on to the next point. With just a little over 200 calories per 60g bar (and it’s a decent-sized bar that lasts more than two bites. That’s a promise), 20g of protein, around 2g of sugars (found naturally in the ingredients, so there’s no added sugar!), and an impressive 9g of fibre, R-Bars have a squeaky clean nutrition profile that will actually help you to stay sated. They’re also a great source of healthy fats and are low in sodium.

The taste is the next focal point – one which is of utmost importance (don’t you agree?). The R-Bar flavour range includes: Cherry Bakewell, Peanut & Caramel, Double Choc Brownie and White Choc Apricot; there’s something for every taste and mood. The favourites amongst the Tropicana Team are: Peanut & Caramel(there’s a surprise), White Choc Apricot and White Choc Raspberry, but in all honesty, there’s not been a bad review uttered about a single flavour.

How have Reflex managed to pull this off with just a handful of wholesome ingredients and no added sugar? Apparently, with the ‘magic’ ingredient, Soluble Gluco Fibre which, helps to create R-Bars’ unique texture, and as its name denotes, boosts fibre content whilst maintaining a low sugar value. Stevia is also a winning affiliate, offering natural, yet calorie/carb. free sweetness that’s not sickly sweet.

Top marks awarded to Reflex for their R Bar creation! Log in to your account, or call our Wholesale Team to purchase yours – you and your customers will love them. Guaranteed!



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