Brand of the Month is…..Warrior!!

Posted by Victoria Brennan on 18th May 2018

Brand of the Month is…..Warrior!!

We are pleased to announce we have chosen Warrior as our brand of the month. The entire range now has 20% off for May only. Don’t miss out!

Why we have chosen Warrior, well Warrior was created with a single purpose in mind – a single, solitary goal. To bring to market the best sports supplements in the world, and improve the athletic performance of those who consume them. Warrior are not a “mainstream” brand, they don’t aim to make everyone happy, and they are not inclusive. They want to help those dedicated athletes who leave everything on the battlefield and strive with each training become the best that they can be. Join us and become a Warrior!

Looking for a natural test boost? Check out Warrior Bulbine, the world's strongest Bulbine Natalensis supplement designed to put your body into overdrive! Stack Warrior Bulbine with Warrior DAA for even more committed athletes. In combination these two supplements are designed to help make you the "Alpha Male", and support your hard training goals.

Warrior have designed the tools, now go show the world what you can do!

That’s not all Warrior are introducing the brand great products, coming very soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Warrior Cyclic is highly branched Cyclic Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin) which is a carbohydrate source that empties the gut very fast, allowing for quick fuel to working muscles during training, and also 0 bloat when compared to maltodextrin derived intra workouts.

Amino Blast is a super convenient way of getting some BCAA/EAA for enhanced Muscle Protein Synthesis, the added green tea and caffeine make this a superb way of getting everything you need in one dose, be it a wakeup call in the morning, or an afternoon pick me up, or even of course as a pre workout supplement, Amino Blast has you covered.

Warrior Rage RTD is a super convenient way of getting your pre workout drink. 500ml of Energy loaded, superb tasting formula, which can be consumed either entirely pre workout or sipped on during for enhanced and prolonged energy, Rage RTD gives you everything you need in one pre-loaded bottle.

Warrior All Day Aminos are an intra workout tonic, with delicious flavour with added hydration complex (electrolytes).  They contain BCAA and Added Glutamine and Citrulline malate, for recovery and improved blood flow to working muscles.

Warrior Feast is a seriously big bar for those looking to add Mass. 100g per bar of Real oats, protein and rich Chocolate chunks to give you a snack that is ideal both post workout and even as a meal replacement bar. 21g Protein per bar also, which make it a convenient way of upping your daily protein intake.

To find out more, visit the Warrior Page on our website, or call your Account Manager today on 0121 313 6738