USN Endurance R3 Excell

R3 Excell is a high protein drink with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and sugar, to use after long periods of intense physical activity

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Winner of the gold for women’s running nutrition product – post race category – USN R3 Excell
The nutrient requirement in athletes is usually highest immediately after intense and prolonged physical activity. The 30 - 45 minute window after training or events may be a crucial time during which the body races to recover as quickly as possible. The body’s evolutionary instinct to immediately replace muscle glycogen means that it will use whatever nutrients are available, including amino acids present in muscle tissue for this purpose, which may result in muscle wastage. By rapidly supplying carbohydrates to replace glycogen, as well as protein to replace amino acids, the body recovers more quickly, without breaking down as much muscular protein.

USN’s R3 Excell is precisely formulated as a high protein drink with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and sugar, to use after long periods of intense physical activity such as military training, Iron Man events, marathons etc. as well as shorter, highly intensive activities like sprinting, power-lifting, weight-lifting, rugby etc. The carbohydrates consist of a ratio of long chain glucose polymers. R3 Excell has been formulated to form an isotonic drink (if prepared correctly). Protein is supplied in the form of premium whey protein. R3 Excell is a light, refreshing, fruit flavoured drink.

Core benefits of R3 Excell:

Electrolyte, glycogen and amino acid replenishment.

Muscle-building amino acids to prevent muscle breakdown during intensive exercise.

21 grams whey protein isolate & triple stage synergistic carb matrix.

Who should use it?
Endurance athletes, team sport players and anyone requiring recovery from other intense physical activities.


Container Size: 1kg
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (55g) 
Servings Per Container: 18
Container Size: 2kg 
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (55g) 
Servings Per Container: 36
Amount Per Serving: 
Total Calories: 217
Protein: 19g
Total Carbohydrates: 65g
-Sugars: 25.4g
Fat: 1.7g
-Saturates: 0.8g
Dietary Fibre: 1g
Sodium: 356mg
Potassium: 196mg
Calcium: 349mg
Magnesium: 45mg
Phosphorus: 214mg
Vitamin C: 95mg
Vitamin B6: 0.21mg
Triple Stage Synergistic Carb Matrix (Agglomerated Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup Solids, Fructose, Whey Protein Concentrate (20%) and Isolate (4%) Blend, Cocoa Powder, Lactoval® Milk Mineral Complex high in Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium), Sodium Chloride, Flavouring, Magnesium Lactate, Mono-Potassium Phosphate, Ascorbic Acid, Non-Nutritive Sweetener (Sucralose), Pyridoxine HCl.
Allergens: Cow’s milk. Manufactured in a facility that processes egg and soya. Contains no nut ingredients, but some ingredients may be produced in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts or crustaceans. 
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2kg / Orange 6009694862677
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