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Chocolate Craze
Honey Grim
Killer Caramel
Wicked White Chocolate


Wicked White Chocolate
Our Sweet Caramel Peanut Spread is specially formulated with whey protein isolate the highest quality chocolate, creamy sweet caramel, and the finest peanuts we could find! Indulge your taste buds and put this amazing spread on your favorite foods and snacks.


ontainer Size:  340g
Serving Size:  34g
Servings Per Container:  10
Container Size:  12 Sachets
Serving Size:  34g
Servings Per Container:  12
Amount Per Serving:
Total Calories: 180
Protein: 12g
Total Carbohydrates: 8g
-Sugars: 6g
-Dietary Fibre: 1g
Fat: 12g
-Saturates: 3g
Salt: 65mg
Peanuts, white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, soy lecithin, natural flavour), whey protein isolate, rice protein, canola oil, less than 2% palm fruit oil, sunflower lecithin, natural flavour, salt.
Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.
Allergen Information: Contains milk, peanuts, soy
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Bar codes
12x34g / Wicked White Chocolate 853698007215
340g / Chocolate Craze 853697007192
340g / Honey Grim 853697007178
340g / Killer Caramel 853697007024
340g / Wicked White Chocolate 853697007024
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