Liquid Grip

Liquid Grip is considered the world's best grip product used by many pro athletes in a wide variety of sports

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Liquid Grip is the worlds best grip product and is already used by many professional athletes in a wide variety of sports. Liquid Grip works by binding to your skin meaning a single coat will keep your hands dry and grippy for hours without reapplication, even in very sweaty, humid conditions. Amazingly Liquid Grip leaves no dust or marks on clothing, equipment or facilities...and we mean NONE!

As well as improving your grip, Liquid Grip reduces skin tears caused by friction and leaves hands soft and moisturised. It even works as an anti-bacterial for improved hygiene and is 100% natural.

Liquid Grip is great value for money as you only need one application per session. It comes in two sizes - a 40 application bottle with a handy clip, and a 200 application bottle which can be used to refill the smaller bottle.

We particularly recommend Liquid Grip for the gym, climbing, golf, crossfit, powerlifting, racket sports, rugby, gymnastics and cricket - any activity where grip is paramount. Liquid Grip will not let you down.

Container Size: 45ml
Servings Per Container: 40


Container Size: 250ml
Servings Per Container: 200


Alcohol, Magnesium Carbonate, Thickener, Fragrance

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