Applied Nutrition L'Glutamine

Applied Nutrition L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is one of the most popular amino acids used by athletes and bodybuilders.

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Recovery, Increase Endurance, Improve Immune Function
Applied Nutrition L-Glutamine is an amino acid found in proteins of all life forms. It is classified as a semi-essential or conditionally essential amino acid. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, and plasma glutamine levels are the highest of any amino acid. L-Glutamine is predominantly synthesized and stored in skeletal muscle.
Glutamine is a semi essential amino acid that the body is able to produce in small amounts; however the majority of it must come from the diet and this is where Applied Nutrition L-Glutamine amino acids can be beneficial in your supplementation regime.
Core Benefits:
Ultra pure micronized L-Glutamine
The most abundant amino acid in the body
Unflavoured and mixes easily
Supports muscle repair and reduced soreness


Container Size: 500g
Serving Size: 1 scoop (5g)
Servings Per Container: 100
Amount Per Serving:
L-Glutamine: 5g
100% Micronized L-Glutamine
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